Adding Pinterest button on your site is not a very big thing now. But how about images? You might have seen images on some websites and blogs that return a Pin-it button over them on hover or mouse-over. Do this gonna help with more pins? Yes, of course. If someone liked an image on your blog, they may want to send it to their pins. There, you got a pin and more pins this way!

Pin-it button for images

How to get Pin-it button on Image hover?

Well, the solution differs from platform-to-platform. I am providing the solution for two of the most used blogging platforms, WordPress and Blogger. I’ll try adding a way for other platforms like Tumblr, Posterous and static sites also.

Pin-it button on Images: WordPress

On WordPress, it becomes easier to add any functionality all due to plugin support. Yes, there are plugins that can help you to put a Pin-it button on your images. Here are some that I recommend:

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Pinterest Pin-it button for imagesThis plugin exactly fulfills the need, it adds a Pin-it button link on every image of your WordPress blog which will appear only on hovering the images. The plugin requires to know the width of the content area to work properly, you can supply content width value in the plugin options. Along with this, you can add exclude classes and control button display on different pages.
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Hover Pin-it
Hover Pin itAnother plugin, that displays the whole pin-it button on hover with count! In the plugin’s options, you can set the layout of the button, it’s position, pin image size, pin text and couple of more options as per your choice. Easy!
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More Plugins

Two more plugins I would like to suggest in case if the above two wouldn’t work: Pinterest Image Pinner and Pinterest Image Pin.

Pin-it button on Images: Blogger

I was thinking to do a detailed guide for blogger to pin images, but found an already done excellent tutorial. It’s JavaScript based, and you can check it right here.

I hope you got benefited through the tutorial. Happy pinning!