Since March 2013, Google has been redirecting Picasa Albums to Google+. If you try logging into Picasa Web, you’ll notice redirection to your Google+ albums with that Google account.

Many people use Picasa Web Albums to store their photos and to retrieve them on their blogs and sites too. The uploads done by a user on his Blogger or blogspot blogs are also saved on Picasa. So, are you liking this redirection? It’s sort of over promotion of Google+ without any prior notice to users about this redirection.

I’ve noticed that Google+ is really slow to load when compared to Picasa Web. Wouldn’t it be better if you yourself can control Picasa’s redirection to Google+?

Google+ do shows a “go back to picasa” link there, but it’s annoying to get redirected every time you log into your Picasa albums. By this measure of Google, I’m afraid they may limit the usage of Picasa in coming days.

Anyway, this short guide is all about how to stay at Picasa without redirecting to Google+.

Bookmarklet to stop Picasa Web redirection to Google+

I’ve done some research on that and come up with a smart solution to stop this annoying redirection. I’ve created a simple Bookmarklet that will keep you stay at your Picasa albums. Just drag-drop the below bookmarklet to your bookmarks:

Use this bookmarklet to visit your Picasa Albums, you will not be redirected to Google+ anymore. Easy!

The bookmarklet is 100% working, but still for an alternative solution, you can add ?noredirect=1 at the end of your Picasa album and photo URLs to stop the redirect. For example, if your URL is:, re-write it as follows:

Or if it is, modify it as:

Hope it has helped. If you liked the solution, please circle us on Google+.