BSNL customers generally pay their bills by going to the nearest BSNL exchange office or via post. But that takes time and patience to wait in queues.

If you are from India and use BSNL landline and broadband teleservices, you may also be looking to pay it’s bills online in a safe and secure way. You save time when you pay bills from home, simple as that.

Does BSNL support online billing?

Yes! BSNL now provides an official, safe, and secure way to pay bills online. Online billing on BSNL is known as Quick Pay or Insta Pay and you may do it anytime before 11PM and after 8AM.

Step-by-step billing procedure

Following steps will guide you to understand and utilize the Quick Pay facility by BSNL:

  • Go to BSNL Portal. If you have an account, you may login with your user ID and password, else choose Quick pay to pay without logging in.

    If you log into the portal, you won’t need to provide details like your telephone number, email ID, mobile number etc. to pay, as the portal will automatically fetch that info from your account.

    Whereas with Quick Pay, you have to provide such these details. I’m using the Quick Pay option to demonstrate the whole billing procedure.

    BSNL Portal login
  • Click the Quick Pay button as shown in the above screenshot. Now you have to choose the bill type. If you have a regular BSNL home connection, you should choose Individual bills option. With individual connection, it will only ask to input your telephone numbder with STD code.

    If you have a FTTH or corportate connection, you will need to provide your Customer ID as well. Click here to know your BSNL Customer ID.

    So, depending on the connection type, provide the details. It will also ask for your email ID, and your mobile number (optional) to send you the payment details including the payment receipt ID.

    Click the Submit button at last.

    BSNL Quick Pay
  • You’ll be shown with the details of your bill like below:
    BSNL Online Payment

    Now, if you have a Billing amount more than 0.00 (Zero), you can see the Pay button in that section. By pressing this button, you may pay your bill by your Net banking account or Credit Card.

    After payment, you’ll receive the payment receipt and payment details in the email ID and mobile number that you provided in the second step.

If you found any error or problems while going through the process, you may call BSNL support by dialing 1500 for a quick solution.

Notes & Tips

  • You should have a credit card, VISA debit card, or Net Banking service for BSNL online billing.
  • You can pay bills anyday after 8 in the morning and before 11 in the night.
  • You don’t need to have an account at the BSNL portal for the billing.