Google AdSense publishers, in general, can put up to 3 Google ad units per page on their sites. But if you notice sites like Mashable, EnGadget and WikiHow; you’ll come to see more than three ad units per page. Why so? Is there a legit way to do that?

Note an AdSense publishers yet? Read AdSense approval tips and apply for an account now!

There are certain legal ways that enable publishers to show more than a limited number of ads served by Google. What are they and how can you participate – all is explained in the rest of the article.

Ways to display more than 3 Google ad units per page

  1. Use Google DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers)

    Google DFP is the easiest possible way to display Google ads on your site regardless of the count. DFP allow publishers to sell ad slots and put direct ads served by Google on their website. Publishers can create their ad inventory, and can put ads on the site just by copy-pasting few lines of code.

    Google DFP

    With DFP, you may set CPM rules like if CPM is less than $1, your in-house ad will be served (which could also be an AdSense ad) else the high CPM ad will be fetched. You may also enjoy more features like A/B Testing, ad rotation, and more.

    Ads served by DFP are not counted in AdSense ad limit set by Google.

    You may also integrate non-Google ad programs like BuySellAds, Tribal Fusion etc. with your DFP account to expose your DFP inventory to make more sales.

  2. Become a Premium AdSense Publisher

    Premium AdSense publishers have many added features including the ability to show more than 3 ad units on their sites.

    But let me tell you, this is not at all an easy task. Becoming a premium AdSense publishers requires billions of pageviews per month, and you may not apply for a premium account directly. In general, deserving publishers receive direct invitation from AdSense team for so.

  3. Ask for special permission from Google

    Some AdSense publishers, who are not premium publishers yet, received permissions from Google to serve additional units on their sites. It’s due to the popularity and the quality content of their sites.

    If you too have a site that features high-quality content and receives decent amount of traffic, you should also contact AdSense to ask for additional ad units.