Using a mobile device for blogging frees you from always looking back to your PC or iMac. However, it takes good research to find a perfect mobile for blogging and web publishing. This article throws light on how to find the perfect mobile device for this purpose.

Tablet, SmartPhone or Laptop?

Laptops are portable but not as much as tablets and SmartPhones. Most of the laptops and tablets require an additional device to stay connected to Internet. Whereas, SmartPhone devices come with basic and advanced phone features, and keep you connected to the Internet without needing any other device.

So, going with a SmartPhone for web publishing would be a smart choice.

What features should one look at when choosing a phone for Blogging?

Here is a checklist you should go through when looking for a handset meant for blogging.

  1. Big Display: For a better read n’ write experience, a bigger display of around 4″ is a must to have on your SmartPhone.
  2. Fast processor: Multitasking (multiple operations) and fast operating of apps can only be obtained when your SmartPhone has a good, speedy processor. You already know that speed matters when it comes to web publishing and blogging.
  3. Latest carrier and data support: Latest data support (4G) on your SmartPhone broadens the way to fast connectivity, which is very important in the world of online publishing.
  4. Good Navigation: How easily can you navigate on your phone? It is important to work fast and fluently.
  5. Long Battery: A battery with long life will not disappoint you during those long working hours on your SmartPhone.
  6. Social Networking support: Bonus apps and support to popular social networks makes it easy to go social from your SmartPhones, which is a general thing webmasters do to publicize their blogs and websites.
  7. External keyboard support, if possible: It’s not necessary, but if your SmartPhone has support for an external keyboard, you can free your hands from touch or QWERTY typing.
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