Minesweeper is another popular PC game Microsoft used to provide with Windows 3.1+ versions, and it has been a part of Windows for more than 20 years. Playing a minesweeper game is simple, just clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. Windows 7 and XP users can still enjoy it by typing minesweeper and winmine respectively, but Windows 8 doesn’t come with a pre-installed Minesweeper.

How to install Minesweeper on Windows 8?

If you are a Windows 8 user and a Minesweeper fan missing the game, this short tut will help you to get it on your PC. Although Microsoft has discontinued including the game in the Windows 8 pack, but it still provides an official app to keep enjoying it on your PC.

Minesweeper app for Windows 8
A glimpse of Minesweeper app for Windows 8

What’s new with the Minesweeper App?

This new app for the game comes with adjustable difficulty, new adventure mode, and classic Minesweeper gameplay. With the classic gameplay, you can enjoy the well known classic logic game that you did in past on earlier versions of Windows. The app has updated graphics and game sound and you may play with a touch screen, a mouse or keyboard to mark the minefield effortlessly without missing any of the mines.

The brand new feature, the Adventure mode allows you to challenge your Minesweeper skills. It is a blend of the traditional Minesweeper with a goal based adventure. You have to guide your character to collect the riches along while moving towards Earth’s center.

Alongside, you may face new game challenges everyday to earn prizes and can also compete with your friends. The app also provides the Xbox integration.

Installation / Download links

All you need to do is visit the below given link and install the app on your Windows 8 machine – and now you are ready to enjoy Microsoft Minesweeper on your computer again!