Mahjong Titans, another great solitaire game by Microsoft, is quite popular among Windows users. Microsoft first introduced it with Windows Vista, and continued it with Windows 7 as well, but didn’t include it in Windows 10 and 8.

Little more on Mahjong Titans, an older version of the game was known as Taipei and was bundled in Microsoft WEP 1 and Best of WEP.

A glimpse of Mahjong Titans

If you are missing this fine game on your PC, I know a way to enjoy it on Windows 10 as well as Windows 8, and even on Windows XP (even when nobody uses it now). I’m sharing below the installation procedure separately for both the OSs.

Mahjong Titans Download links for Windows 10, 8 and XP

Before going any further, let me remind you that you’ll be needing to download a full archive of games that you had on Windows 7, since Mahjong Titans was a part of Windows 7. This archive is an executable program that carries all those good old Windows 7 games and I’m sure you like all of them.

For your convenience I’m sharing the direct link to the whole archive. In case if this link stops working, please refer to this page to find updated links.

Here are some quick steps if you are still clueless how to get them installed:

  1. Run the Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe file you found after unpacking the archive you just finished downloading
    Install Mahjong Titans on Windows 10
  2. Next, make sure you keep that “Games” checkbox checked if you want to install all the Windows 7 games. Or you may keep the Mahjong Titans option checked and rest of the others unchecked in order to install just Mahjong Titans.
    Select Mahjong Titans from the list
    Select the games you want to install
  3. All you need now is click “Next” i.e. just follow the instructions.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully installed the game on your Windows 10! (Or whatever version of Windows you are using currently).

I hope this helped you get the old glory of your gaming days back. If you are enjoying the game right now, please consider sharing this post, or just let us know through comments. Thanks!