Microsoft’s Chess Titans is an awesome chess game for PC developed by Oberon Games. The games basically comes pre-installed with Windows Vista and Windows 7 Home Premium, Business/Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. It’s not available with former Windows versions like XP, Vista and the latest one that is Windows 8.

Chess Titans for Windows 8

I had been featuring Chess Titans look-a-like software here in this post since May 2013. A few days ago I was informed by Pierre-Marie Baty that the software I’m featuring is a pirated, modified copy of his work Chess Giants.

I removed the pirated software from this post immediately after reading Pierre’s post. I’m featuring his cool program here that lets you enjoy the Chess game as good as you did with Chess Titans.

Chess Giants: the coolest alternative to Chess Titans

Developed by Pierre-Marie Baty, Chess Giants look pretty similar in the aesthetics to Microsoft’s Chess Titans, but actually it is written and created from scratch. Best thing about Chess Giants is that you can play alone with computer, with a friend, or even against real people over the internet – with whatever game skills you have!

Chess Giants comes laden with a variety of cool features that you don’t see in other existing Chess software programs. Some of the are as the list follows:

  • Doesn’t need a fast machine.
  • Runs on any version of Windows published after 2000.
  • Plays at the International Great Master level (2700 ELO).
  • Reads and saves games in the PGN and FEN formats.
  • Has additional options, such as displaying the game history or a game clock.
  • Can change its appearance.
  • Can be interfaced with other chess engines that comply to the Chess Engine Communication Protocol.
  • Enables you to play online in the FICS virtual chess club (

Pierre was initially giving away Chess Giants as a donateware; i.e. you could grab it by donating any amount. But unfortunately, it was discontinued due to a lot of people being unfair with the distribution policy.

Still, you can enjoy this awesome chess game at a very low amount (€ 9.90)! You can pay using your Credit card, PayPal or even with a Bank transfer. As soon as your donation is committed, you receive the download links in your email ID.

You can also try the software for free, by downloading the free trial.