One of the key points to focus on to improve the revenue with Google Adsense is making AdSense ads relevant to your content. Relevancy of ads completely depends on the nature and niche of your website or blog. For example, if you have a Health and Fitness website and using AdSense on it, you’ll see health and fitness related ads most of the times on your site.

But you might have noticed some unrelated ads also on the same site of yours, like a matrimony site ad, a software download ad etc. Relevant ads increase the chances that users will click on them, since they are looking for relevant content and that’s why they are on your site. If you have a really low CTR, irrelevant ads could be one of it’s causes. So, how to get rid of such irrelevant ads and make AdSense ads relevant to our content? Let’s dig in:

  • Write focused Content: Always write focused content on topics in your niche. AdSense will detect the kind of website and content your provide and will render more relevant ads on your site or blog.
  • Use keywords in your Content: Think and research the most relevant keywords for your content and use them in your Content including the page title, main post title and post-body. This will help AdSense to fetch and serve highly relevant ads to your site.
  • Use Section Targeting: You should also implement Section Targeting to tell AdSense about content that should and shouldn’t be used to relate and render ads. Section Targeting involves using ad section tags in the HTML (or source) of the website to describe what should be preferred and what to be ignored while relating and serving ads. Learn more about Section Targeting.
  • Block Irrelevant Ads: AdSense allows publishers to allow and block ads as per their need. If you wish to block an ad, just go to “Allow and Block ads” tab in your AdSense account, click on ad you want to block.

Hope you find the post helpful. Also see Improve AdSense CTR with A/B Testing.