What do you do to listen your favorite Bollywood songs? Do you download them to your computer or mobile before listening? It’s quite simple. There are countless websites available to download free songs. Or you need to just Google your favorite track, and can download it from any of the returned results. However, this may lead you to spam websites too.

11 ways to listen Indian music for free

By the way, you can listen songs without even downloading them. Ya, exactly. You can listen to your favorite Indian songs online for free ranging from Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Telugu to Sanskrit and more.

Below is the list of some remarkably awesome services which enable you to listen to your favorite Indian songs in High Quality for absolutely free.

  1. Google Music
    Google India Music
  2. Raaga
  3. Dhingana
  4. In.com
  5. Music India Online
    Music India Online
  6. Grooveshark
  7. Jango
  8. Dishant
  9. Smashits
  10. Music Plug
    Music Plug
  11. MP3 Hungama
    MP3 Hungama

Grooveshark and Jango also provide music in English and other foreign languages. Raaga has a big variety of Indian songs in different regional languages. Most of these websites provide an online radio, which you can tune in according to your mood. Apart from all the above services, Google Music is very easy to use and provides an ad-free environment.

Which one of the above you liked the most? Do you use some other services to listen songs? Do let us know in comments.