This article is a beginner’s guide to update or link mobile number with Aadhaar card. For those who are looking to do the same using the online portal, I don’t want to waste your time by keeping you engaged.

In no way now you can register or update your mobile number with your Aadhaar online. There used to be a facility called SSUP to do that, but it got discontinued later on. That’s because UIDAI wanted to moderate and verify it in person to avoid misuse of identity.

Since SSUP is inactive now, you can’t add, correct, or update any other information in your Aadhar online. That means you will have to pay a visit to the nearby Permanent Enrollment Center. Skip to these 6 steps that you’ll need to follow on your visit to the center.


UIDAI’s Aadhaar card acts as a proof of residence for the people residing in India. It also works as a solid identity proof for its owner, with a bunch of other benefits. Every identification authority, be it in public sector or private, demands Aadhaar today.

As an Indian residence, you need to make sure that your Aadhaar data is accurate and up-to-date. This will ensure your applicability for the usage of many government and non-government schemes, services, and facilities.

A list of things that you can update in your Aadhaar
A list of what you can update in your Aadhaar, and whether it requires a visit to the Enrollment center or not.

Having your mobile number linked with your Aadhaar is important. If you ask me why, it’s the only way you could receive the OTP / TOTP to udpate any other piece of information on you Aadhaar.

When you enroll for Aadhaar for the first time, they ask you to provide your mobile number as well. This number basically helps to authenticate corrections and updates in your Aadhaar data.

Such authentications happen to take place in the form of OTP sent to the linked mobile number. The receiver then punches the OTP in the UIDAI’s system, and that’s how they verify the changes.

Steps to link Mobile number with Aadhaar

A glimpse of a Permanent Aadhaar Enrollment Center
A glimpse of a Permanent Aadhaar Enrollment Center (PC:

Since there is no way online to get this done sitting home, you will have to visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Center. Below given are the 6 steps you need to follow once you visit the center to link or update your mobile with Aadhaar.

  1. Visit your nearest Permanent Enrollment/Update Center (locate here if you don’t know)
  2. Ask for the Aadhaar Correction Form and fill it out supplying correct information
  3. Make sure to fill in your current mobile number that you want to link to or update in your Aadhaar
  4. Submit the form and wait for your turn to meet the executive in charge
  5. Follow as guided by the executive for bio-metric authentication of the change request
  6. Don’t forget to receive the Acknowledgement slip from the executive after getting done

The Acknowledgement slip carries an Update Request Number (URN). This URN can be used to track the status of your correction or update request.

Tracking the Update Status

You can check the update status by visiting this link and providing Aadhaar number and URN. Alternatively, you can also call 1947, which is UIDAI’s toll-free number.

How to check if my mobile number is linked to Aadhaar card? Answer to this question lies in this link where you can verify your mobile number.

In conclusion

Visiting the Enrollment Center and waiting in queues is problematic to an extent for older people. I have also seen some centers maintaining different queues for older people and ladies. Since a lot of services and facilities are now dependent on Aadhaar card, spending some time to get it updated makes sense.

It hardly took me 2 days to get my mobile number updated. I would advise you to wait for 7-10 days to the max to have the changes reflected in your online Aadhaar.