Line app has becoming popular among chit-chatters nowadays. It’s yet another IM messaging alternative to WhatsApp and others. I just installed and signed up to start using Line, it looks pretty cool with some brand new features like your own Timeline, you can post status updates with it and more.

I’m not gonna review the app in this post, instead I will share how you can start Group chats in the Line app. Note that I’ve used an Android device in the tutorial to demonstrate that.

Starting off, assuming you’ve installed the app on your phone, initiate chat normally with one of your friends you want to add to group chat. Now click on the drop-down icon at the top as shown in the screenshot below:

Line Chat

It will bring down an option menu, choose the Invite option from it.

Line Chat room

It will open your Line friends list, from which you’ve to choose people to add to your Line group chat.

Choose Friends option in Line app

That’s all! Now enjoy the group chat after adding people.

Chat invite in Line app

You may also remove existing or add more people to your Line group chat by making use the chat options just like we invited people to our chat. I’m leaving that part to be explored by you yourself. Let me know if you’re having troubles creating a group chat in your Line App.