Almost everyone on Facebook now knows about chat stickers. In case you’re new to Facebook, and don’t know what they are: Stickers are cool, easy-to-use big emoticons that you may use when using Facebook chat. Get to know more about them here.

Although Meep Stickers have been the most popular among all of them, you might have also noticed cool “Like” stickers across your chats.

A simple way to add a “Like” sticker in the chat was through Facebook Messenger for mobile. But now, you can get it on the web chat as well, with a set of more nifty stickers like it that resemble the trademark Like icon of Facebook.

Facebook Likes Sticker Set
Give a thumbs up; however you like

Likes Sticker Set: Usage & Stickers meaning

So, Facebook has officially added a set of Like Stickers to the Sticker store. Created by the Facebook designers, the set contains 12 different sticker icons. You can install the set by visiting the sticker store: just look for the Likes set in the store, and click the “Add” button.

Installing the Set
“…just look for the Likes set in the store, and click the Add button”

The same number of stickers will also be available in the mobile messenger. Here is the list of all of the stickers that you get in the set, with their mood-meaning:

Likes Sticker Meaning
Like or Thumbs up sticker Like or Thumbs up. Used to say “Cool”, “Okay”, “Alright”, “Good”, “All the best”
Shining Like sticker A shining Like you can give to show great appreciation or liking.
Superlike Facebook sticker A Superlike. The topmost sticker to show appreciation.
Bandaged Like sticker Bandaged Like. Can be used to show a correction in you like or favor, eg. you disliked something at first, but now you’re finding it cool.
Dislike or Thumbs down sticker Dislike or Thumbs down. Obvious meanings: “Dislike”, “Not cool”, “Not appreciated”
Poke Facebook sticker Poke or Point out. You use it to poke someone basically.
Flowers Facebook sticker Gifting Flowers. You may wish your girlfriend or boyfriend with this sticker.
Heart Facebook sticker Heart sticker, generally sent to someone you love.
Drink or Party sticker Drink or Party sticker. Represent you’re in a party or enjoying a drink. You can also use it to say “Cheers”.
Fist Facebook sticker A Fist. Means you strongly favor something.
Victory Facebook sticker Victory.
Call Facebook sticker Call sticker. Represents “give me a call”, “will call you”, or “on a call”

That’s it. Do you use these stickers on Facebook? Let me know in the comments or take sometime to thumb up TechAbly on Facebook.