Once in a while, you might want to investigate the influence of your blog or website on twitter and curious to know who tweeted or re-tweeted your website or blog posts. You can easily track the re-tweets on links you post on your twitter account by clicking the “Retweets” tab and choosing “Your Tweets, retweeted”. Also, if somebody mentions you or your website / blog with your link, you can check it under the “Mentions” tab in your account. But otherwise, you are left with twitter search option, which doesn’t works well sometimes. If you are using the official tweet button on your website or blog, you can directly get the tweets (if any) done by others in form of twitter search results by clicking the twitter count-bubble on the right side. I noticed that it doesn’t works well. Refer below screenshot.

Twitter Search

Actually, twitter manages a huge database and it do not provides a facility to search the tweets which are older than a week. If you look for a link using Twitter search (provided that it is tweeted many times), the latter do not returns proper results sometimes even of the last 7 days. However, you can use it to get a quick info if it works for you.

How can I know who tweeted my links?

There are lots of Twitter analytic services available on web for free, but usually, all of them search the top, hit and promoted tweets only. Below are some simple ways you can use to track who tweeted your website or blog post links on twitter:

  • Use a Real-time Social Web search services like Topsy, Social Mention. These services returns accurate results for the social web – hence you can easily figure out who tweeted your links!
  • Real-time Social Web Searches
  • Try WebDigg.net and Webutation to quickly analyze the information of your website. It also returns latest tweets about your website.
  • Recent Twitter buzz
  • Try Archivist to quickly analyze your twitter stuff. Topically, use your links as query.
  • Twitter Archives
  • Try Tweetmeme retweet button which also gives you a short overview about the tweets about a link on your site.
  • Use Tweetmeme to track tweets from your blog or website

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If you are using a service which is not mentioned here and you think it’s worth sharing, feel free to do so.