How to know who removed you on Google Plus?Google Plus allows its users to use circles to categorize people they add there. For example, you have a “Friends” circle by default for your friends on Google Plus, a “Family” circles for family members and a couple of more circles which are there by default. You can also create new circles according to your need to categorize your connections on Google Plus.

Another thing is that you can not only create a circle and add people to it, but can also remove people from it when needed. When somebody joins you on Google Plus, you get a notification right then, but when someone removes you from his / her circles, you will not be notified or informed about it. If you have large and growing circles, it is difficult to keep track of – who has added to your circles and who has removed – by yourself.

Is there a solution to get notified about that? Yes, there is a way to find who has removed you from his / her circles. You can do it through Google Minus.

Google Minus to know who removed you from Google Plus circles

Google Minus is a Browser extension which lets you investigate about the ones who removed you from their circles. After installing it on your Web browser, it will notify you each time when someone removes you from circles. It is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Google Minus Browser Extension to track who removed you on Google Plus
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