Know who removed you on FacebookPeople who have a large number of friends on Facebook usually do not care who removed and who added them. But there are more people who want to track those who are removing them from their friend list. Lets say, you have an urge to know who removed you from his / her Facebook friend list. Here are some very easy solutions to find out those people:

  • Better Facebook

    Better Facebook is a browser extension which provides the unfriending activities right on your Facebook home page. It also has a lot of options like themes, custom skins to make your profile appear more colorful to you. Better Facebook extension can be installed on any browser but Internet Explorer is an exception.

    Who deleted me on Facebook?

    Its a free Web application that helps to find out who has removed or unfriended (un-friend-ed, most of the people use this word on Facebook) you on Facebook. Just log in and grant access to the service using your Facebook account, it will start tracking your friends within next 24 hours and will notify when someone removed you from his / her Facebook.

  • Twenty Feet

    Twenty Feet is a paid service which tracks the activities happening on your social networks. It provides the tracked information in a very detailed, graphical manner and also notifies via email. Using this service, you can check all the information tracked from your linked accounts including the number of people who removed or un-followed you, the day when they do so etc. The service is available at an affordable price of $2.49 per year. You can also give a free trial before signing up for full service.

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