Are you curious to know who blocked you in Google Talk or Gmail chat? You would be, if you see a contact in your GTalk or Gmail chat looking offline to you all the time.

Lets find out if you are blocked on Gmail or GTalk, or not.

Quickly find out who blocked your on Gtalk / Gmail

A quick way to know who blocked you on Google Talk is to send a Voice mail to the doubtful person. If a message saying the person is offline showed up, it’s all fine, but if it displays nothing, you’re blocked! Refer below screenshot:

GTalk Voicemail Trick to know who blocked you

Using PidGin to know who blocked you on Gmail / Gtalk

  1. Download and install PidGin on your computer.

    configure pidgin with google talk

  2. After installation, configure PidGin with your Gmail ID which you use to chat on GTalk. Launch PidGin, you’ll see an “Account” Dialog with Click the Add button.

    It will bring a new window called “Add Account”. Add in the required information and follow exactly as shown in screenshot except for your username, password and alias (alias could be anything like your nick name etc.).

    know who blocked you on google talk

  3. After adding your account on Pidgin, sign in using your GTalk credentials on PidGin and go to Buddies » Show Offline Buddies from the menu bar.
  4. Now, in your buddy list, choose any one you doubt that s/he may have blocked you, right click and choose Get Info. If it shows a brief information about the contact like the name and profile pic, it means the person haven’t blocked you. But if it do not shows any profile information, not even the name of the contact, you are blocked by that person!

    configure google talk with pidgin