Last year, when iPhone 4 was launched in US, Wall Street Journal had listed it the best product of its class. Finally, after 11 months of its first release, Apple has launched iPhone 4 with Airtel in India last Friday. The new iPhone is believed to be unique, carrying features like Video Calling and 4G.

The idea of success of iPhone 4 can be gauged by the fact that after its launch in US, 1.7 million devices had been sold out within 3 days only. It is much different from iPhone 3. Here is a short round-up covering the specifications and features of iPhone 4.

New Features

iPhone 4
  • Two Cameras:

    iPhone 4 comes comes with two in-built cameras: one on the front (5 MP)and the other on the back side (0.3 MP), just next to the LED flash. The front camera focuses on the user, the rear one focuses on everything after it. You can see yourself in the front camera, while recording a video of you.

  • Video Calling with FaceTime:

    This is the first time when the iPhone carries the video Calling feature. You’ve already used Video calling with 3G services or with applications like Skype and Fring, but iPhone 4 FaceTime is the whole new thing. You can make video calls over Wi-Fi with FaceTime. The front camera is auto-tuned for FaceTime. You can switch back and forth between the front and rear cameras with FaceTime with only a button tap.

  • Retina Display:

    The display of iPhone 4 is designed while considering the convenience of user’s eyes. It uses the Retina Display technology which makes the pixel density so high. The High resolution screen provides very clear quality texts and images. The new iPhone is 4 times better than the last class of iPhone, the iPhone 3, which provides the user a neat and clean – the incredible display.

  • Stainless Steel Band:

    The new iPhone comes with a band of stainless steel (electrical insulant). According to Apple: “The band provides impressive structural rigidity and allows for its incredibly thin, refined design. It also functions as both iPhone 4 antennas.”

  • HD Video Recording and Editing:

    Provides High-definition video recording and editing features. The Advanced Illumination sensor at the rear camera enables the device to record right in bright and low-light settings. You can even brighten the dark areas while recording using the in-built LED flash light.

  • Multitasking:

    According the iPhone 4 users, the performance is better than ever, switching between the apps was never this fast. However, the multitasking feature only works for the apps designed for iOS 4 specifically.


Power: 3.7 V

Storage Capacity: 16 GB or 32 GB Flash memory

Internal Memory: 512 MB

Input: Touch Screen display

Camera: 5 MP front, 0.3 MP Rear

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Services: App store, iTunes store, iBook Store, Mobile me

Dimensions: 4.54" x 2.3"

Display: 3.5" (LED Blacklit LCD)

Weight: 135 gms

Price (in India only) (approx): Rs. 35,000 (16 GB), Rs. 42,000 (32 GB)

You can see the full specifications of iPhone 4 here: GSM Arena: iPhone 4 full specifications

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