iphone 5 specificationsBy observing Android phones giving very tough competition to iPhone 4 in the market, Apple is expected to introduce many new features in the fifth generation iPhone. It is used as both an entertainment gadget and a business phone. The biggest question for iPhone lovers is when will iPhone 5 come out? Although the iPhone 5 release date is not fixed, yet it is believed that it will be launched late in September this year.

Everyone has curiosities about the design, OS upgrades and the new features of the yet to be launched iPhone 5. There are many speculations about it in the market, lets see what are the expectations and possibilities of features that iPhone 5 may bear.

Note: This following iPhone 5 review is not based on actual experience as the device is not launched yet.

  • Dual Core Processor

    Dual core processor is the hottest feature of this season. Many leading companies including Samsung has provided Dual core processor in their Android handsets. Apple may provide the 1GHz A5 Dual Core processor in the new iPhone which is also used in iPad 2.

  • More Storage

    Apple may leave its strong competitors behind by introducing 64 GB on-board memory i.e. local storage. It may also provide more memory by iCloud, which could be accessed through 3G or Wi-Fi.

  • Camera

    The 5MP Camera of iPhone 4 is certainly needed to be changed, as 8MP camera is in trend nowadays. Fifth generation of iPhone may have an 8MP camera. The camera speed will also be fine due to the Dual core processor. It is also expected that iPhone 5 will cover b>1080p HD video recording with a better front-facing camera.

  • LED Flash

    You can’t click effective photos on your iPhone 5 without using flash. Apple will try to fill this void with iPhone 5, which may included single or double LED feature.

  • Larger Screen

    The screen of iPhone 4 is of 3.5″ only. So, a screen of 4.1, 4.3 or 4.5 inches is expected in iPhone 5.

  • Face Plate

    The white Face plate in iPhone 4 and iPad 2 has given the a new look to each of the two devices. Users have also appreciated this new look. The new iPhone may also include a Face plate of black color.

  • Active Noise cancellation

    iPhone 5 may include a dual microphone with the Active noise cancellation feature, which will provide apparently clear voice during a call, even in a noisy environment. Most of the handsets already have this feature.

  • iphone 5 picsSlimmer than iPhone 4

    iPhone 5 will be slimmer than iPhone 4. The slim devices are one of the conventions of all time by Apple. For example, see iPad 2, MacBook Air and iPhone 4, these all are slimmer than their previous versions. Currently, iPhone 4 has a thickness of 9.3 mm while Galaxy S2 is 8.3 mm thick. iPhone 5 will be around 8 mm in thickness.

  • Metal / Carbon Fiber back

    The glass of iPhone 4 is very fragile. The new iPhone will be available in the Metal / Carbon Fiber glass, which is mostly used in Racing Cars and Space crafts!

  • New field Communication Technology (NFC)

    iPhone 4 has lacked this technology, which is similar to the Bar Code Replacement Technology (BCR). If Apple introduces NFC in iPhone 5, it will be used as the payment device (e-Wallet) and Car keys too. So far, you can access the home screen by entering the password using the biometric feature, but with NFC technology, you will be able to access it with a finger touch only.

  • The new Home Screen:

    There are possibilities that Apple will provide the Real Dashboard in the OS5 of the next iPhone. Many Android handsets already have the real dashboard feature.

    Another thing that is bouncing on top that the new iPhone will not have the Home button. Also, it will also include the PowerCR SGX543MP chip for better 3D graphics, just like iPad 2.

  • Cloud Computing support

    Apple has recently launched iCloud service and it is believed that photos, videos and other data would be accessible through iCloud Storage Solutions in the new version of iPhone.

  • CDMA / GSM Support

    iPhone users are demanding the Universal Carrier Support from a long time, so that it could be used with CDMA and GSM networks and other wireless internet providers as well. Apple is supposed to cover this also, as latest Android handsets already support GSM and CDMA.

  • Removable battery

    Although the battery of iPhone devices has performed considerably good, yet users are demanding a removable battery in the newer versions of iPhone.

  • 4G Network support

    4G Technology is in trial phase right now, which will be available for use in many countries till the end of this year. So, making iPhone 5 4G ready will be one of the major challenges for Apple. Currently, HTC Thunderbolt is the only SmartPhone which supports 4G technology.

  • Micro HDMI support

    The new Android devices comes with a built-in Micro HDMI port, which allows users to view the content from the device by connecting it to TV. The upcoming iPhone may have this feature also. Also, Apple may introduce the new concept of Airplay Mirroring to iPhone (just like iPad 2). This feature allows the wireless access of the device screen on Apple TV.

iPhone 5 expected specifications

There are a lot of expectations and speculations about iPhone 5, but we are yet to receive the exact specifications of the same. Apple may release iPhone 5 in the last week of September or in the first week of October.