Missing your Facebook friends on Google Plus? Then send them invites to join you there. By the way, inviting one by one is cumbersome, and unfortunately, Google Plus do not provides the facility to bulk invite your Facebook friends.

How to Import / Invite Facebook Friends to Google Plus?

Facebook Friend Exporter for Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, you just have to install Facebook Friend Exporter extension, after installing it, you can see “Export Friends” option in your Facebook account menu. This extension will help you easily migrating your Facebook contacts to GMail, and you know that Google Plus shows your GMail contacts in Circle Page by default. Easy!

If you are not a Chrome user, the only way left to import facebook contacts to Google Plus is through a Yahoo! or Hotmail email account. The trick is that Google Plus allows us to invite friends from out Yahoo! and Hotmail contacts. If you do not have a Yahoo! or Hotmail email account, just go and create one with either of the two. I’m implementing it with my Yahoo! account.

  • Sign in on your Yahoo! account. Click on “Manage Settings” link.
    Yahoo! Settings
  • Click “Import Contacts” on the next page.
    Importing Contacts in Yahoo!
  • Choose Facebook from the four options appearing next.
    Import Facebook Contacts in Yahoo!
  • Click “Okay” to share your Facebook account with your Yahoo! After the email IDs of your Facebook friends get imported into Yahoo, click “Done” button. Do not sign out now.
    Synchronize Facebook with Yahoo!
  • Go to the circles in your Google Plus account and click “Find People”. This will bring options to import your friends IDs from Yahoo! and Hotmail. I clicked Yahoo! to import all my Facebook friends which I just get in my Yahoo! contacts.
    Import Yahoo contacts in Google Plus
  • Next, click “Agree” to connect with your Yahoo!
    Grant Access to your Yahoo account
  • After few seconds of processing, you’ll see all your Yahoo! contacts get imported into Google Plus circles. Now, add the ones you want to invite (invite will be automatically sent to the person you add). Done!
    Import Facebook friends in Google Plus

The same trick applies with Hotmail IDs, in fact, it takes a few steps to import your Facebook friends on Google Plus. After signing in to your Hotmail, you can see the “Connect your Services” panel on the homepage itself. Choose “Facebook” and rest of the things are ditto as we just did with Yahoo!.

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