’s Yahoo Bing ads is a contextual ad network powered by well known search entities Yahoo and Bing. It has been in talks among webmasters and bloggers whether this ad publishing program is for them or not, as many of the publishers reported low revenue generated through the ads served by it.

Let me say it – the program didn’t work for me too. Why? I will be answering later in this post, before that I would like to bring one more thing into your notice. Many of you may already have compared Yahoo Bing ads with AdSense to know who is the best, and might came out with the latter as the best one. But getting approved by AdSense is not an easy task at all. revenue boosting tips

Is it the best AdSense alternative? Or just a fen-fire? Well, after my talk to some ad publishers who are successfully earning with it, I think it is the best alternative to AdSense so far, when it comes to earn money.

Increasing your Yahoo Bing ads revenue

Coming back to the topic, are there some legit ways to increase earnings with this ad program? Yes! What are they? Read on the below list I’ve compiled to keep it to the point:

  1. Increase the US & UK based traffic: If your website receives a good traffic from western countries, most importantly from the US and UK, you have strong chances to do better with ad program. The logic behind this is simply the high bids for keywords from these countries, and the traffic you get from there will see the Geo-targeted contextual ads, that can pay you high! You should also see some important tips to increase blog traffic.
  2. Focus target audience: Build a niche, write for a specific audience. Niche websites are more likely to get higher bids on ads as the advertisers like to receive quality hits for better conversions.
  3. Experiment with keywords: asks the publisher for the major keywords they target in the content to show the best paying ads. So choose the keywords wisely and keep experimenting with them until you get the best ones.
  4. Talk to your account Manager: Have a chat with your account manager who may tip you on a number of things to do well with the program – ranging from on-site optimization to the audience targeting.
  5. Contact other publishers: Talk to other publishers in your niche who are doing good with the program, and ask for some tips to improve earnings – it doesn’t work mostly – but you should give this a try as well.

I hope that these tips have helped you to earn more revenue with this ad network, I would be adding more helpful stuff here on this topic if I find more. Good luck :)