Surfing web through a BSNL 2G Internet plan is really a cumbersome deal due to very low speed or data transmission rate most of the times. Users may notice little improvements in speed (up to 10Kbps) in the midnight, but it gets back to the normal, low speeds in around an hour.

Since BSNL 3G plans are quite expensive and come with a limited amount of data usage, users are compelled to use the 2G plans, which is very irritating.

Well, for folks who are fed up of the low BSNL Internet speed, I’ve a new working trick to increase your BSNL 2G plan speed by 2-times! I experimented this a few days ago and now I’m sharing the trick with you so that you also get benefited and browse web at higher data speeds at no additional costs.

increase bsnl 2g internet speed

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How to double your BSNL 2G Internet Speed?

So, what’s the catch? I do not guarantee the improvements, after all, it’s a trick which may not work for some of you, but me and my friends has been enjoying high speeds through this. Follow the below 3-step guide to implement the trick:

  1. Get rid of your BSNL 2G SIM and get a new BSNL 3G SIM card.
  2. Activate a 2G Internet plan on your new 3G SIM.
  3. Now, connect to internet and experience High-speed browsing on the cost of a 2G Internet plan!

Additional Tips

  • Use a data card instead of mobile handset. Mobile handsets as modem are weak and support up to only 40Kbps of data transmission.
  • Using a data card will give you up to 400Kbps of speed, even Torrent accelerate at 350Kbps with this trick.

I am using BSNL 2G plan of Rs. 270 with 10GB of data usage. I also use BSNL Broadband 750 UL Combo plan (that gives around 300Kbps), but seriously, this trick has beaten my Broadband too!

I hope this has helped. If this trick is working for you, share it with your friends to get them good speeds. Feel free to leave comments if you have a suggestion, problem or anything you want to say regarding the trick.