Increasing traffic to a blog is not a big thing, but turning it to huge is. Your blog site can become popular and receive decent traffic if you have:

  • Extremely good, demanding topics on the blog with quality content
  • Skills to write simple and easy to understand articles
  • A good network community

But in case you are a blogging newbie and don’t have a network and enough ideas to get traffic to your blog, I’m sharing some must know tips, that will help you to grow your knowledge in this field to increase web traffic.

increase blog traffic

Why and how to increase blog traffic

Any business, hobby, portal, or any destination to information wants exposure, whether it is real or virtual. If there will be no exposure, no people around, then the creation of such thing would be meaningless.

That is why, we need people around, we want people in bigger amount to see our information. People may relate it with money, revenue, rankings with traffic, but all of that is secondary.

So, how?

The below points throw some light on how to do bring more traffic. If I have to give you an excerpt, these tips can help you improve/simplify your writing, SEO, and the basic understanding how the web actually works if it comes to “bringing the traffic in”. I tried best to keep them prioritized. So, here it goes.

  1. You might have read this many times before, but good content rules, it really does. Write useful, short, pithy or concise, topical posts that people want to read and share.
  2. Structure and emphasize things in your posts using images, lists, and format the text as good as you can for better readability and interaction. It helps the readers to scan through your posts easily. You should read these writing basics to write better blog posts.
  3. Use a top level domain. If you want to be a professional blogger, you should register a .com/.org/.net domain for your blog. Try to use an SSL-powered domain name, as search engines do respect websites that have an HTTPS certificate.
  4. Use Social media to tell people about your posts. Share your links on different Social media platforms to let others know about your writings. Be active on Social web via a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Google+ business page, and more places. Instead of increasing network, create a community, where people know you and you know people, you help them and they help you back.
  5. Syndicate your blog content with an RSS feed. This will help people to catch the updates and stay tuned. You may also provide email newsletter facility and send the readers the new content you write.
  6. Submit your blog to top Search Engines.
  7. Participate in discussions at other places (blogs, forums, even on social media) that are relevant to your niche. Be honest with your comments and try to stay away from comment spamming. Try to connect with people by helping or by appreciating a help. You may use your blog URL as the signature and ask others to review your blog.
  8. Write on other blogs as a guest author. It’s a great idea to introduce your blog and yourself to other blogs’ readers.
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  9. Link wisely. In your posts, try to provide helpful links for your readers. Give related internal and external links in the sentences wherever needed.
  10. Don’t over think the SEO, just keep in mind your readers. Stay away from keyword stuffing, and other bad SEO practices. Just concentrate on the simplicity, usefulness, and relevance while writing blog posts.
  11. Always reply to the blog comments and e-mails you receive from your readers. It leaves a good impression and makes people comment often.
  12. Create useful infographics, e-books, and other utilities based on your niche topics, share it with other people in your niche and ask them to feature it.
  13. Try to gain recommendations on other sites. By recommendations, I mean mentions, or more clearly, back-links. This will not only increase the authority of your blog but also send you good amount of referral traffic.
  14. If you have created some remarkably great utility like a software, an e-book, or anything which you think is pretty useful, ask other bloggers to write about it. If a popular blog features your story, you will not only receive the referral traffic from there, but you and your blog may also go popular among people on web.
  15. Use good, lightweight, easily navigable web layout. This is a crucial thing which most bloggers ignore. It is directly related to how people feel and interact with your blog.
  16. It is not recommended, but you can advertise your blog at the popular sites of your niche to receive targeted traffic. You may also advertise your site via Google AdWords, Facebook ads and other services, but all this costs money. So it’s on you to spend on advertising or not.

These are the tips which I got from many webmasters online and through my online experience as a webmaster. I hope you are benefited with the tips I shared above.

Did I miss something? Let me know your views in comments. Thanks :)