Alexa Internet is a service that ranks websites on a worldwide as well as country and location basis. It has an algorithm that generate ranking data on the basis of traffic, links, SERPs and engagement of visitors on a site. The ranking sites get from them is called Alexa Rank.

People on web generally look for ways to increase their site’s Alexa rank to attract advertisers, visitors and to increase popularity (obviously, sites with good Alexa rank are popular). Having a decent Alexa rank for a website depends on a number of factors, which are:

  • Good traffic
  • Link popularity
  • Search popularity
  • User / visitor engagement & experience
  • Time visitors spend on the site
  • Bounce rate
  • Site’s loading speed
  • A few more secret factors that Alexa doesn’t reveal.

Myth: Installing Alexa toolbar on your browser and visiting your site or it’s Alexa page from there increases Alexa rank. If this can happen, everybody would have a good rank on Alexa.

Fact: Basically, Alexa depends on search influence of a website to provide it ranking. If your website is going good in searches, good will be it’s Alexa rank and vice-versa.

6 Sure ways to increase Alexa Rank of your website

Increase Alexa Rank
Are there some real ways to increase Alexa rank? You may have already read some ways to on the web already, here is my part, what I think and do about increasing Alexa Rank of my websites.

  1. Focus on the quality content to increase the search quality.
  2. Concentrate on the on-page SEO of your website to make it search engine friendly, but remember, don’t overdo it!
  3. Ask users / visitors to suggest improvements to the site to improve overall user experience.
  4. Optimize your site and content to reduce the bounce rate.
  5. Ask your visitors to add a review about the site at Alexa. This adds up in your ranking at Alexa, since they also prefer user involvement, engagement and experience to rank sites.
  6. Link-building practices like guest posts should also be considered.

Your key focus should be creating quality content and building natural traffic. If you accomplish these two things, you need not to worry about Alexa rank of your site. Also see convert visitors into subscribers.