Google AdSense is the favorite choice of webmasters to earn by ads on their websites. However, people may find it tricky to get decent amount of revenue with it. After getting approved by AdSense, the first thought of a newbie webmaster is to get the dollars quickly, but it’s meaningless without good traffic (some tips to increase blog traffic).

After gaining the traffic, webmasters may still find it difficult to get ads clicked due to low CTR. Actually, increasing AdSense CTR is a game of experiments with ad positioning, one has to stick with whatever works best for them. Now comes the CPC rummy, when people come across questions like “why my CPC is too low?“, “why am I not getting much with AdSense even with good traffic?“, or “what’s the secret to boost AdSense CPC?” We’ll going to know the answers to such questions in this article.

Tips to increase AdSense CPC by 200%

I don’t promise guaranteed results, but following below tips correctly may increase your AdSense CPC by 200% from current. Read on.

  • Niche of your Website: AdSense CPC vary according to the niche of websites. Choosing a niche to earn more may sound ridiculous, but the truth is that people research to choose the niche and make the site AdSense-centric. This may pay more, but still I advice to choose the field you are good at.
  • Targeted content & traffic: Writing focused content to a particular group of people is always necessary, and equally important to serve high-paying ads on your site. Advertisers look for the topics on your website, and if your website receives targeted traffic, they pay more to show their ad on your site.
  • Traffic location matters: The geographical location of the maximum traffic your receive on your site plays the vital role to get low or high AdSense CPC. Generally, traffic from US, UK, UAE and European countries gives high CPC, whereas traffic from Asian countries may lead to low CPC. This difference is all due to the bidding of ads in different currencies with different money value.
  • PageRank and Authority: Good PR and page authority is also very important to get high paying Google ads on your site. If your webpage that renders Google ads has a PageRank greater than 4 (PR greater than 4 has a good page authority too), greater are the chances to get high paying ads on the site.
  • Make use of Ad Review Center: AdSense Ad Review Center can show your the CPC each ad category is paying. You may block irrelevant and low paying categories there, but don’t overdo it since it will lower down the number of advertisers competing for ads on your website.
  • Ad format: Always use text and image based ads on your site as it opens the doors for new advertisers to compete for your content. In this competition, you always get the best CPC paying advertiser, so more are the competing advertisers, more are the chances to get a good AdSense CPC. Also consider making use of 300×250, 335×280 and 728×90 ads the most.
  • Ad Placement targeting: Implement placement targeted ads to attract more Google advertisers on your site. The advertisers also consider the placement of an ad on a site, and they may bid high for your ad, if you’re providing a good ad position.

Do’s & Don’t

  • Do not block too many ads as this will lower the chance to get the same ads paying good on the next auction.
  • Do not apply too many filters on ads as it will decrease the number of advertisers competing for ads on your website.

Hope you get benefited with these tips. Let me know if you think I’ve missed something. You may also like Best AdSense alternatives.