For those who want more to monetize their sites and blogs, inline text advertising is a bonus way to earn more. In-text contextual advertising traces the keywords in the content of the website and then serve the relevant text ads in the content itself. These ads are initiated by links which when hovered give an ad popped and floating over the content.

If you are looking for some best in-text contextual ad alternatives, here is the complete roundup of some services with their short review, payment modes, and approval time.

I’m avoiding listing the programs that focus more on link selling than traditional in-text advertising.

  1. Infolinks: The most popular service for in-text advertising. It has been in existence since 2011 and provides lots of ad “new” ad formats, like ad tag cloud, search widget, ad frame to experiment with your site what works well. Easy to setup, provides plugins for popular blogging platforms.
    Payments: Pays via Paypal, ACH, Infolinks prepaid mastercard (Payoneer) on a monthly basis on a minimum earning amount of $50.
    Approval: Within a day after the Infolinks team verifies your site on their terms.
  2. Kontera: Another popular service that has been serving since 2004, but started in-text ad serving in 2009.
    Payments: Via Paypal, EFT on a monthly basis on minimum balance of $50.
    Approval: Immediate, provided that you accept and will not violate their terms.
  3. Vibrant Media: Vibrant Media is the another popular service competing to provide quality in-text ads to the audience. Along with the related in-text ads, it also provides display and text ads.
    Payment: Pays on Net 45 basis (on 15th day of every next month) via Check, Bank wire.
    Approval: Takes 1-3 days till their staff verifies your site.
  4. Clicksor: Not widely popular, but provides a variety of ad-serving for money. With display, text and popup ads, it’s latest addition is in-text contextual ads. Earnings are low as compared to Infolinks, Kontera and Vibrant Media. It also provides bonus earning via a publisher / advertiser referral program.
    Payments: Via Paypal, Check or Bank wire in every 15 days with minimum of $50 payout.
    Approval: Immediate, provided that you accept and will not violate their terms.
  5. Intopic Media: A new service that offers inline text ad serving. It’s just like the other services in the business like Kontera etc.
    Payments: Minimum of $100 per month via PayPal or Check.
    Approval: Quick and easy
  6. Affinity: Offers a variety of ad formats ranging from in-text, in-page (display), in-footer, in-margin, and in-image ads. It also gives a good revenue share of up to 90-95% to the publishers. They promise to deliver precise targeting for highly commercial values for your sites.
    Payments: Via Bank wire or Paypal on Net 45 basis
    Approval: Quick and easy
  7. Becontext: Another similar-simple program that works similar to Kontera, Infolinks and Vibrant media.
    Payments: Minimum $50 per month via Paypal or check
  8. Built Intext: Another new contextual ad program that offers publishers a 30% share of the net revenue (that’s so mean).
    Payments: Bank wire, Paypal, checks on a minimum earning of $25 per month
    Approval: Instant and easy approval

Update: Removed AdBrite, SinText and Triggit from the list. As of now, AdBrite and SinText stopped functioning , and Triggit has been no more into in-text advertising.

However, in-text ads are not treated good in the world of web publishing. Overly implemented in-text advertising may lead to the worst user experience. But still, thousands of sites are using these ad programs since they can add a few (or lot) more bucks to your online income. Also see some best AdSense alternatives.