Vodafone is one of the leading telecom service providers in India. It also provides 2G Internet plans to surf web on and from your mobile phone. Generally, the 2G internet on mobile devices doesn’t give maximum results due to device limitations, and the network congestion – and Vodafone 2G is not an exception. 3G plans are quite expensive and you’ve to spend a lot of money per month on it.

So, how can you boost up your irritating low speed internet with Vodafone 2G? I know a partially working trick to boost it near up to 2 times – I said it partially working as some of my friends friends replied me positively, some negatively and some didn’t replied. I’ve implemented the same trick with other networks as well and experienced positive results. So, here is the catch.

trick to increase Vodafone 2g internet speed

I do not guarantee the improvements as it’s a trick, nothing is certain if it works or fails for you, until you try it yourself. Below given steps wraps up this trick to boost speed of your Vodafone 2G:

  1. Get a new Vodafone 3G SIM.
  2. Activate a Vodafone 2G Internet plan on your new 3G SIM.
  3. Now, try connecting to internet, you will see the positive changes in the Internet speed.

Additionally, consider using a data card instead of a general mobile handset. It will keep you away from modem limitations and help you to touch peak speeds. If this trick has worked for you, feel free to share it with friends, or report problems, leave suggestions through comments.