A picture is worth a thousand words“, you might have heard this popular quote about the importance of pictures in writing. Visuals like photos and films capture the people’s attention in no time. Pictures or images also play a significant role in books, magazines, blog posts and websites. Images are used to decorate and explain the content as well, and they interact with the user far better than the plain text.

Images on web should be optimized for better appearance and loading, which is an important SEO measure. Optimizing images for Search engines becomes important since your images can also get you good traffic from image searches.

How do I optimize my images for Search engines?

It may seem a bit hard to some of you, but it’s not actually. I have a Image SEO checklist that’s going to help you to optimize your images for Search engines and web.

  • Always use a good image editing software program to optimize your images in a controlled way. This will help you to get the images with minimum possible weight and highest possible quality. Alternatively, you can use these handy tools to optimize images online.
  • Always use medium dimension images, and try to follow the standard dimensions of images. Avoid the overuse of images in your posts. Don’t resize your images with HTML using height and width tag.
  • Always use descriptive image file names. This will help your images to be found on search engines easily.
  • Do not forget to utilize the alt attribute with your images, and use descriptive text with suitable keywords; carrying the message you want to convey from the image. The alt attribute is used to show an alternate text when images are not loaded and it is also utilized by search engines to parse keywords.
  • Try using .JPG and .GIF images over .PNG (unless you’ve a website in CG niche) and other formats as .GIF and .JPG images are more searchable on web.

That’s all needed to keep your images SEO friendly, and I hope you found these points useful. Feel free to tell me your image SEO techniques via comments and email.