Full talktime on your mobile connection pay you the full value of your money. With Idea cellular in India, you have some affordable full talktime offers ranging from about Rs. 50 to Rs. 500. This guide will let you know the available Idea full Talktime plans and how to activate them.

What is full Talktime? When you recharge your mobile phone balance, two certain amounts are deducted as processing fee and service tax. With full talktime offers, you get full amount as balance without the deduction of these two amounts.

Available Idea full talktime plans

Generally, offers and plans keep changing from time-to-time by telecom service providers, so do by Idea. Here is the list of currently available full talktime plans in Idea.

RechargeValid inValidityStatus
Rs. 50Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 50Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 50Kolkata0Active
Rs. 50West Bengal0Active
Rs. 50Orissa0Active
Rs. 60Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 60Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 80Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 90Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 100Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 100Tamilnadu0Active
Rs. 100Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 110North East0Active
Rs. 110Mumbai0Active
Rs. 110Rajasthan0Active
Rs. 110Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 110UP(EAST)0Active
Rs. 110Kolkata0Active
Rs. 110West Bengal0Active
Rs. 120Karnataka0Active
Rs. 120Orissa0Active
Rs. 120Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 150Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 150Rajasthan0Active
Rs. 150UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 150UP(EAST)0Active
Rs. 150MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 190Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 200Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 200Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 200Karnataka0Active
Rs. 200Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 200Tamilnadu0Active
Rs. 210Rajasthan0Active
Rs. 220Kerala0Active
Rs. 220Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 220UP(EAST)0Active
Rs. 220Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 220Tamilnadu0Active
Rs. 220Rajasthan0Active
Rs. 220North East0Active
Rs. 220Orissa0Active
Rs. 220Mumbai0Active
Rs. 220Assam0Active
Rs. 220Kolkata0Active
Rs. 220West Bengal0Active
Rs. 250Haryana0Active
Rs. 250Kerala0Active
Rs. 250Delhi & NCR0Active
Rs. 250Karnataka0Active
Rs. 300Mumbai0Active
Rs. 300Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 300Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 300Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 300Tamilnadu0Active
Rs. 300Kerala0Active
Rs. 300Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 330Orissa0Active
Rs. 330Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 330UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 330Tamilnadu0Active
Rs. 330Assam0Active
Rs. 330Kolkata0Active
Rs. 330West Bengal0Active
Rs. 330Mumbai0Active
Rs. 330UP(EAST)0Active
Rs. 330Punjab0Active
Rs. 330Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 330North East0Active
Rs. 350MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 350Punjab0Active
Rs. 350Karnataka0Active
Rs. 350Haryana0Active
Rs. 350Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 350Rajasthan0Active
Rs. 350Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 350UP(EAST)0Active
Rs. 350Delhi & NCR0Active
Rs. 380Karnataka0Active
Rs. 400Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 400Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 440UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 440Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 450MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 500MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 500Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 500Karnataka0Active
Rs. 500Kerala0Active
Rs. 500Rajasthan0Active
Rs. 500Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 500Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 500Delhi & NCR0Active
Rs. 500Tamilnadu0Active
Rs. 500Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 500Haryana0Active
Rs. 500UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 500Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 500Mumbai0Active
Rs. 550Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 550UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 550Mumbai0Active
Rs. 550North East0Active
Rs. 550Orissa0Active
Rs. 550UP(EAST)0Active
Rs. 550Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 550Punjab0Active
Rs. 550Assam0Active
Rs. 550Kolkata0Active
Rs. 550West Bengal0Active
Rs. 550Tamilnadu0Active
Rs. 600Delhi & NCR0Active
Rs. 700Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 700Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 770Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 770Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 770UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 800Kerala0Active
Rs. 1000Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1000Kerala0Active
Rs. 1000UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 1000Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 1000Delhi & NCR0Active
Rs. 1000Haryana0Active
Rs. 1000MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 1000Karnataka0Active
Rs. 1000Rajasthan0Active
Rs. 1000Jammu & Kashmir0Active
Rs. 1000Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 1100Punjab0Active
Rs. 1100Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1100UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 1100Mumbai0Active
Rs. 1100MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 1100UP(EAST)0Active
Rs. 1110Andhra Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1200Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1300Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1400Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1500MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 1500Kerala0Active
Rs. 1500Delhi & NCR0Active
Rs. 1500UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 1600Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1700Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1800Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 1900Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 2000Rajasthan0Active
Rs. 2000Bihar & Jharkhand0Active
Rs. 2000UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 2000Punjab0Active
Rs. 2000Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 2000Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 2000MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 2100Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 2200MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 2200UP(EAST)0Active
Rs. 2200Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 2200UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand0Active
Rs. 2300Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 2400Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 2500MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 2500Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 2500Kerala0Active
Rs. 3000Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 3000Punjab0Active
Rs. 3000Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 3300Kerala0Active
Rs. 3300MP & Chattisgarh0Active
Rs. 3500Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 4000Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 4500Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 5000Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 5500Kerala0Active
Rs. 6000Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 6000Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)0Active
Rs. 7000Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 8000Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 9000Himachal Pradesh0Active
Rs. 10000Himachal Pradesh0Active

Note: The list here will be updated regularly, however you’re advised to check the status of the plans listed above before recharging. If a plan is active, then again, make it sure by calling Idea customer care (198) whether this offer is valid in your area or not.

How to activate Idea full talktime offers?

Talktime offers can be utilized by recharging your Idea connection with that particular amount of money, and you get full value of money in return, simple as that.

Idea also offers special talktime tariffs randomly to it’s users. If you receive a service message regarding special talktime offer, call 198 (Idea care) to get more information about that. If satisfied, recharge and enjoy.

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