Symbain Mobile as WebCamVideo Chatting is the facility on internet which allows us to live chat with friends, family and colleagues over long distances. Basically people use chat messengers like Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, Skype with a WebCam device attached and installed on their PC or Laptop. Mostly, Laptops and Tablets come with a built-in WebCam device. Latest LCD and LED monitors with this feature are also available in market. But what to do when one have a traditional old generation monitor with no WebCam?

Well, if you have a Symbian phone like that of Nokia 60 or 30 series (works best with Nokia Symbian phones of S60 series), you may use it as a WebCam!


  • A Symbian Mobile Handset properly installed on your computer;
  • Bluetooth device on both, the PC and the Handset;
  • Obviously, an Internet Connection.

Proceed as given below:

SmartCam Screen shot

  • Download and Install the files for both your mobile and your PC from the below Softpedia link.

    Download SmartCam

    Download SmartCam (alternate/mirror link)

  • Connect your phone to your PC via bluetooth.

    Note: If you are using GPRS internet from the same phone on your PC, SmartCam may not work properly. You’ll need a separate Internet Connection for better synchronization.

  • Connect to the internet on your PC and start Yahoo!, skype or MSN whichever of them you have installed and start the Webcam. Rest are the basic instructions to follow. Done!

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