Facebook lovers want to stay online all the time to update and share stuff with friends, but they can’t do that at institutions, work places and organizations, where Facebook is generally blocked. There are many a ways to access blocked Facebook, but what do you say about updating Facebook via Email?

Let me show how to update Facebook via Email, which comes in handy when Facebook is blocked at your work place, office or college.

So, how can I update Facebook via Email?

  • First off, log in to your Facebook account (not from Mobile). You have to collect your Facebook Upload Email now, which you can do by visiting Facebook Mobile Upload link from the same Web browser.
  • After getting your Facebook Upload Email, save it in your email contacts.
    update facebook from email

    Note: Do not share this secret Upload Email with anyone, sharing this email will give admin access to others to your Facebook profile.

  • Now, whenever you experience blocked Facebook, just send an email to your Facebook Upload email address, put your status update as the Subject. You can put multimedia including your images, videos in the email body. Your Facebook will be updated as soon as the email will be sent – with the media you provided in the email body and status in the subject.
    update facebook from email

Hope you liked the trick, I shared a screenshot of the Facebook update I posted via email.

update facebook from email

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