Permanent Account Number or PAN is almost mandatory everywhere in the world for financial transactions such as opening a bank account, receiving taxable salary or professional fees, sale or purchase of assets above specified limits fixed by any country / area of operation.

A PAN is issued by the Income Tax Department of any country / area of operation under the supervision of the associated Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) and also serves equivalent to a national identification number or Identity proof.

PAN also acts as a permanent, universal identification key factor for all financial transactions and indirectly prevent tax evasion by keeping the track of monetary transactions of high net worth individuals.

In India, a PAN is issued by Indian Income Tax Department to an individual or an entity if it finds them eligible on the basis of their application and proofs. PAN Cards are sent to the respective owners (individuals) on their mentioned address in the PAN application form. You should contact your nearest Income Tax office to apply for a PAN. If you have already applied for a PAN in India, and you wan’t to track or check the status of your PAN now, you should follow the below given steps:

Track / Check PAN Status Online in India

  • Head over to Tax Information Network PAN Status Tracker and choose the Application type as PAN – New / Change request from the drop-down.

    check pan status online

  • If you have applied for a correction in PAN Card, you might have received an acknowledgement number at the time of filing the correction application. You can use this number in the acknowledgement field. Else, if you don’t have an acknowledgement number or you have to track a new PAN then fill in the next field with Last Name, First Name, Middel Name (if any) and the Date of Birth of the individual who applied for the PAN. Click Submit.

    check pan status online

  • You’ll see the status of your PAN in the next page telling it’s current activity. That’s it.

    check pan status online

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