Do you ever wanted to make calls from your computer? Yes? If you have internet access on your PC with audio input and output devices attached to it, you can make voice calls from your PC to your friends PC for free. This is all possible due to the VoIP technology, which enables internet users to make voice call via their IP (Internet Protocol). You may also been looking for how to make calls from PC to phone?

The requirements for voice calling PC to PC are:

  • Obviously, a PC with Internet access,
  • Audio Input device like microphone,
  • Audio Output device like speakers/headphone,
  • A service or software program which allows VoIP for free.

Now, what are the best services which provide voice calling free? Here is a list mentioning 4 services for it:

  • Google talk is an online application which allows its users to communicate through voice calls as well as instant messaging (chatting). It also provides the facilty to share files during a chat. It is a free application and you may download it below.

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  • Skype Messenger is a freeware which enable its users to make and receive voice calls from the internet. Skype also provides the facility of conference voice calls. Along with this, you can make calls on mobile phones or landlines too. Plus point of using Skype is its user-friendly interface with high-quality voice calling.

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  • PC-Telephone is a powerful software program which offers a wide variety of communication possibilities through an Internet connection. It allows you to make telephone calls, send/receive fax, connect with another PC and store voice mails. Making a call from PC to PC is free and making calls from computer to ordinary phone is however payable but a low cost meaning cheaper than telephone lines.

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  • Yahoo! is also providing the free PC to PC voice call facility. All you need is the latest Yahoo! Messenger program from their website.

    Select a friend in your contact list and click the Call button to get started. You and the friend you call both need Yahoo! Messenger, plus a microphone and speakers (or headset).

    Free PC-to-PC calls are unlimited and the quality is so good that you won’t believe it’s free! PC-to-PC calling is currently available in the following versions of Yahoo! Messenger: Windows, Mac.

    Source: Yahoo! Messenger

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