Hiding your lists on social networks is one of the basic things you should do for privacy concerns. Google+ doesn’t provide you with lists – unlike Facebook’s friend list, you have circles there, but those can also be set to hidden to improve your Google+ profile privacy.

How can others see my Google+ circles?

Google+, by default, sets your circles visibility to public on your profile page, and therefore, everyone who visits your profile may see the people added you and added by you. If you’re not wanting others to look at your circles, this short guide will show you how to tweak your Google+ circles visibility and make them private.

Starting off, navigate to the about section in your Google+ profile and look for the People box. Just click the Edit link at the bottom of this box.

The People section on Google+ profile

It will bring up an settings dialog where you can set the visibility of your circles. Uncheck the checkbox options below In your circles and Have you in circles respectively, if you want nobody to see your circles. Or you may show your all or specific circles to the only people who are in your circles by using the Who can see this? option.

Hiding Google+ circles from others

Save the changes by clicking the Save button and that’s it! You’ve successfully hid your circles from others. Hope you enjoyed this tut, you may join us at Google+.