Facebook shows the Recent Activity of your friends in your news feed – activities like friendship, likes, commenting, relationship etc. Similarly, your friends can also see your activities in their Facebook news feed.

People on Social Networks usually look for tricks which can limit the sharing for private purposes. If you are in a situation which restricts you to show your activity on Facebook to your friends for privacy purposes, you must be looking for a trick. Well, the trick is very simple.

Tip: Show Recent Activity of your blog via Facebook

Hiding your Recent Activity from your friends

The trick lies in the utilization of Facebook News Feed Options. To hide your Recent Activity from your friends, go to your Profile section and follow the below steps:

  • With every post in the Facebook New Feed in your Profile, you can see a cross-icon (X) on the right side. Clicking this cross-icon brings a drop-down menu carrying some post options.
  • In each kind of posts, the option in the drop-down menu will be different. The kind of posts will be like activity, friending activity, and comment activity. Refer the below given screenshot
    Facebook Recent Activity

    So, using the highlighted “Hide” option, you can hide your activities on Facebook from yourself as well as from your friends.

In order to bring back the things to normal, follow these steps:

  • In your Facebook profile, click the “Edit Options” link at the bottom of the feed, which will bring a dialogue with a title “Edit your Profile story settings”.
    Edit Options in Facebook

    You can click the cross in front of the item which you want to revert back to normal.

If you know a better trick or finding flaws in this trick, feel free to discuss here.