There are times when you want to hide your Facebook status updates from certain people, especially the irritating connections or the people you want to avoid. The reason could be anything, and of course you can hide your Facebook status updates from those people with just some simple settings while updating your status.

This short how-to will help you to hide Facebook status updates from certain people in a few simple steps.

So, lets start the process by adding those people in the Restricted list. Just go to the profile of that person and add him/her to the Restricted list by clicking the Friends button » Restricted. If you’re not able to see “Restricted” in the drop-down, click “Show All Lists” and click Restricted. Similarly, add all the people from those you want to hide your updates.

hide facebook status

Now, whenever you write a new status, just click the “Privacy” button (just before “Post” button) in the status box, it’ll bring a drop-down, choose Custom from the menu.

hide facebook status

The Custom Privacy dialog will appear. In the Hide this from section under “These people or lists” textbox, type “restricted” and choose the Restricted list from the drop-down. Save Changes.

hide facebook status

Now, post your status, which will be kept away from the sight of the people your have in Restricted list.

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