Facebook friend list represents the list of all of your friends on Facebook. Sometimes people don’t want others to see their Facebook friend list and want to hide it from them. You might have seen people who’ve already hidden their friend list from others.

In a situation to hide your friend list on Facebook, Facebook privacy settings won’t serve well because you can’t see an option there to hide Facebook friend list. So, how to do that exactly? Here we go.

Hide Facebook friend list from others

Go to your Facebook friend list from your Timeline by clicking Friends block there.

Hide Facebook friend list

You’re seeing the full list of your friends now. Look for an Edit button on the top-left just before Find Friends button. Click that Edit button, which will show you a popup asking: Who can see your full friend list on Facebook?

Hide Facebook friend list

Now, click the droplist on the left side in the popup and select the suitable option. You can hide your friend list from everyone by choosing Only me in the droplist. After choosing an option, the setting will be saved automatically.

Hide Facebook friend list

Note: Mutual friends will still be visible to other people after hiding friend list from them.

So now, you’ve control over who can see your Facebook friend list and who cannot. Also see how to hide Facebook status from certain people.

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