Have you seen people writing Hello World! in their first sentences while starting a write up like blog, website or testing programs on Computer? Why hello world for every programming language?

Ever since I came across with Programming languages, I see many people using the phrase Hello world! Why they use this and how it started?

In the electronic world, people often test their work by writing Hello World! The tradition was started by B. Kernighan of Bell Laboratories in 1974 who wrote this phrase in his first program in C language.

While small test programs existed since the development of programmable computers, the tradition of using the phrase “Hello world!” as a test message was influenced by an example program in the seminal book The C Programming Language. The example program from that book prints “hello world” (without capital letters or exclamation mark), and was inherited from a 1974 Bell Laboratories internal memorandum by Brian Kernighan, Programming in C: A Tutorial, which contains the first known version.

Source: Wikipedia.org

A 'Hello world!' program in C language (Turbo C)

More contrast on this: Dennis Ritchie used to test the programs in B (the development phase of C) by writing the string "hello world" as he found it short and easy. Kernighan inherited the style from him and started using it from the first ever program he wrote in C in 1974. He repeated it in his tutorials also. From then, people started testing programs by quoting this string and it became a tradition. People nowadays write the phrase in the first post of their website/blog (as I did), even on the very first twitter or Facebook status.