Rockstar Games are back with the latest series of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 5 (GTA V), the most awaited game of 2013, which is expected to be released until automns this year – for PSP 3 XBox 360.

GTA 5 has many new additions over GTA 4, I’ve collected the news, photos, trailers, latest leaks and a more stuff around from the pros and here I am with a preview mashup of GTA 5!

It’s no doubt that the new GTA thriller will have better graphics, weapons and more adventurous game world, let’s take a look on the preview I’ve done so far for this Crosser giant.

A look at the characters in GTA 5

In GTA V, Players will be able to switch between the three characters, Michael the bank robber turned witness guy, Trevor – the guy at guns, and the car repo man Franklin with a push of a button, have a look at the latest trailer below to see how you’ll be able to toggle between the three protagonists.

Auto, Cut-scene and Free choice will be the three different types of switch play options: Auto for individual missions that can be completed with a certain character; Cut-scene in which you’re asked to change persona to advance the central plot; and Free choice, with which you can use any of your favorite character.

GTA 5 Game World, weapons and more features

GTA 5 will have the game world larger than GTA 4, covering Red Dead Redemption and GTA San Andreas – players will be able to use a variety of new surprising vehicles – including planes and submarines.

More stunts like Skydiving and Scuba-diving are there with proper features and controls.

It has also been in news that the new GTA will be featuring new weapons with more powerful caliber and effects. The animators at Rockstar have done a wonderful job not only with the characters, the Game World and modeling, but also with the awesome effects as we can see in the screenshots.

GTA 5 Gameplay

Here is what co-writer Dan Houser at The Guardian has reported about GTA 5:

“You have other people you can hang out with, but the main people you choose are the other protagonists. If you’re playing as Michael and you want to play a game of tennis, you can call up Franklin and ask him. You are actually getting to see the main bulk of the story and also spend time with these people off-mission.”

I’ve been reading this GTA 5 review based on real experience, and I thought you should also see it, as they’ve covered everything including the Gameplay they’ve seen at Rockstar Games in detail: check it out here.

GTA 5 Trailers

Here’s a Gameplay video I’ve found on YouTube:

When can I grab a GTA 5 from stores?

GTA 5 release has been delayed from springs to autumns, but finally we have a fixed date of launch i.e. September 17, 2013. So, wait till the game arrives at stores. Or if you want to pre-order it, here are some stores that facilitates pre-ordering of GTA 5:

GTA 5 at Amazon GTA 5 at Flipkart

Wrapping it up, GTA 5 seems getting around 9.5 on 10 and meet fan’s expectations to a greater extent. Let us know through comments what you guys think of it.