Google quietly rolled out a new service called What Do You Love or WDYL. The service asks for a search input and returns the related results in a comic-book fashion from every known service from Google like Translate, Images, Trends, YouTube, Maps, Groups etc.

WDYL creates a mini-portal about the term you process with it. Some specific results can be maximized or expanded by clicking the expand icon at the bottom of the related box; you can even scroll for more searched items if available for the searches like videos and images. The button at the bottom in the box directs you to more results under that service for your query. Just if you search “facebook” on it, it’ll show pictures relating facebook, facebook trends, patents, videos and much more things that are available for it through Google services.

Long and short of WDYL is that it produces a portal of the searched terms with the search results from different Google services. The service will be helpful for Google researchers in order see their searched keywords in a broad way in a portal fashion.

What do you love?
From some sources, Google WDYL was quietly rolled out many days ago and the formal launch was set for last Saturday (26th), but some web issues were there to hold it back. It is not even mentioned on the official Google blog. Strange!

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