Google Sandbox effect is a state when a website gets slightly or extremely invisible from Google SERPs for Spam-filtering and quality observation. The effect should not be confused with an algorithmic penalty, as it is supposed to appear on the newly indexed websites generally.

The cause behind it’s appearance on a website could be the it’s age since Google started indexing it, or the competitiveness of the keywords it is using. In more simpler words, it’s basically an automatic measure taken by Google to check a website for spam. It has been a subject of much debate, as it’s existence is still not confirmed by Google.

If you’re publishing the genuine content on your website, it may take a few days to get out of the Sandbox. Here are some important tools you should make use of to track the status of your website for Google Sandbox.

1. PixelGroove’s Sandbox checker: It’s my favorite tool I’ve used to check the effect a couple of my new websites. It’s very simple to use, just enter your site’s domain name, hit the ‘Check’ button and you will know within a second if it is in Sandbox or not. Kindly note that this tool also provides reporting for Google algorithmic penalties caused due to Panda & Penguin updates etc.

PixelGroove's Sandbox checker

2. Search Engine Ginie’s Sandbox checker: I use this tool alternatively when the above mentioned service is down. However, it’s usage is a bit tougher. You’ve to enter some competitive keywords you’ve been using on your website to check the Sandbox effect. I doubt it’s credibility as it shows up the wrong output.

However, none of the above tools guarantee to get you out of Google Sandbox, and they are meant for the checking purpose only. You’ve to wait till Google herself gives the green signal to your website, and you already know it when your site starts showing up in the searches again! Good luck :)