Google announced in March the shutdown of Google Reader on July 1, 2013, but still, Google Reader is used by millions of people around the web.

As we already know that it is about to expire, it’s time to move your subscriptions to some other feed reader. Note that after July 1, you won’t be able to transfer or import your subscriptions from Google Reader to other services. So, better make a move before the day arrives.

Here is a roundup of some of the best feed readers from which you may pick one to save your Google Reader subscriptions.

  1. Feedly: The most popular Google Reader alternative which is cross-platform, available for Android, iOS and Web; has a very neat and clean interface, and has added more features since when the Google Reader shutdown has been announced.
    Simply sign in with your Google Reader email to import your subscriptions into Feedly. Also, you can sync it across other platforms.
  2. FlipBoard: A popular magazine-style feed reader, cross-platform compatible; requires you to signup for an account to import and sync your Google Reader subscription records with it.
  3. Digg Reader: Currently in it’s initial state, but provides a completely social reading environment within – integrating Digg, and shows the trending stories from other popular Social Networks. On your visit to the site, it will ask you to import your Google Reader subscription; so do it if you wish to do it more social.
  4. AOL Reader: Google out, AOL in – AOL’s secret entrance into the RSS ground is little surprising – but their beta reader offers some decent features altogether – including the import from Google Reader, star-rating and tagging of articles for better classification and categorization, and even you can log it in using Twitter and Facebook!
  5. NewsBlur: This one allows you to import subscriptions up to 64 websites, you may either sort, remove, add your existing subscriptions or signup for their premium package of $24 per year for unlimited websites. Creating a Sub-blog of your subscriptions is an added feature with this reader, but it annoys when it’s free version restricts a number of popular websites.

Again, be sure to move all your subscriptions to any of the above fantastic RSS readers before June 30, I’m saying so to alarm you not to do that on Google Reader funeral day. Have a good time.