Google has just pushed out a new update to it’s PageRank for websites. It is one of the most delayed update in the past few years, we had the last PR update in Feb this year, and since then, it has been a hot topic on web about when we’re going to have it updated.

Take a look at Google PageRank history, schedule & news.

This refresh to the PR has been done just about a month before 2014, and people are again rushing to the PR checkers to notice the change. It is currently under process, so you might need to wait for some more hours to see if its good news for you or not.

Why isn’t my site’s PageRank changing?

Web people were assuming that the PageRank is gone, most of them were happy (including me), as they don’t think PR is much useful because it changes with time according to Google search algorithms.

While writing this posts, I’ve noticed some known blogs and sites have the PR decreased, and some of them have their low-quality websites getting good PR. Perhaps the domain age factor is taken into consideration in this update by Google this time.

In order to check your site’s updated PageRank, just look at the Google Toolbar if you’ve installed it on your browser, or make use of online services to do that.