Google Plus Text Formatting Tips

Saying something through text is more effective when it is well-formatted and styled. By formatting and styling, I mean making the text bold, italic, underlined, strike-through etc. Its a general thing performed while blogging and publishing articles online. You can do the same while updating your Google Plus posts just by following below given tips, however it provides limited options to do so.

  • Bold: You can make your Google Plus post text bold just by enclosing it with * (asterisk). Follow the below given pattern:
    *bold text*
    Google Plus Bold text
  • Italic: To make your text italic in Google Plus, enclose it with _ (underscore). Proceed like this:
    _Italic text_
    Google Plus Italic text
  • Strike-through: To strike-through the text in Google Plus, put a sign (minus or dash) at both the ends of text, just like the following:
    -strike through text-
    Google Plus Strike-through text