If you are an active Google+ user, then you might share stories frequently in your stream. Although, users miss a simple sharing facility – a Google+ share button to share stories directly from sources – like we do with Facebook share button, which comes in handy while sharing stories directly from source to Facebook News feeds.

Sharing links on Google+ is quite easy – just login to your account and start sharing links, messages, pictures and videos. You can also give a +1 vote to the posting made by others in your circle; you can even put a Google +1 button on your website or blog to get votes by your readers there. We’ve also talked about making Google +1 button fast loading earlier before. Coming back to my point, have you felt the need of a Google+ share button which you can put on your blogs and websites just like the Google +1 button? Yes?

Since Google+ do not provides an official button till now to share things directly from the source (websites, blogs), I have an easy alternative for you. I found a cool google+ bookmarklet discovered by AJ Batac which allows you to share stories in your stream on the go. The bookmarklet is given below, click it for a quick demonstration (make sure you’re signed in on Google+):

Just drag and drop this Bookmarklet to your Bookmarks. Click this bookmark while your stay on a anything on web you want to share on your stream, you’ll see a floating window saying “You publicly +1’d this as…” and a “Share on Google+” text box. Click the text box to add a comment and expand the link preview. Below screenshot defines it better:

google+ share bookmarklet

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