Many friends of mine who are new on Google Plus, have asked me a single question many times in the last few days – “How to send a Private Message on Google Plus?

Send an email option in Google PlusYou can send a message to a person in your Google Plus circles through an option that appears exactly below the Display pic of that person on his/her profile labeling – “Send an email”.

Another alternate way of sending a Direct or Private Message in Google Plus is to share that message only to the receiving person(s). Easy! Below is the guide explaining the whole process step-by-step with screenshots:

  1. Write / Compose the message you want to send directly or privately.
  2. Type the name of the person to whom you want to send the direct / private message, in the below text box. A automatic drop-down list will be opened containing the profiles with the similar details. Choose the desired one from the list. A blue button will be shown labeling the name of that person. You may add more persons as you wish.
    Send Private / Direct message in Google Plus
  3. At last, click the green-colored “Share” button. You’re direct or private message is now sent! This message will be shown in the streams of the only persons you chosen in Step 1.
    How to send Direct and Private message in Google Plus?

After sending the message, you can clearly see the limited sharing of that message in your Google Plus stream and you can see the persons to which it is shared by clicking the “Limited” link.

Share / Send messages in Google Plus