Good news for Google+ page publishers. Google+ is now offering custom URLs to the pages that carry at least these two requirements: 30 days of age and 10 followers. The custom URL for Google+ pages is a long awaited feature and people were creating vanity URLs using third-party services before that.

A typical Google+ URL looks like:

The short version of Google+ URLs looks pretty and neat like below:

If your Google+ page carries the two requirements that I mentioned above, it’s your time to grab it before anyone else. So, below are the few steps I followed to get a short name for TechAbly:

1. After landing on my Google+ page, I noticed a message flashing in the admin area of my page. The message said “Your page is preapproved for the custom URL:” followed by a button Get URL.

Google+ page custom URL preapproved

2. I clicked on the Get URL button that produced a prompt asking to accept terms. I checked “I agree to the TOS” checkbox and clicked the Change URL button in the dialog.

Google+ custom URL prompt

3. At last, I was asked to verify and confirm this URL change once more. After doing that, I click Confirm choice button in there, and that’s it.

Confirm your Google+ page URL

This way, I got a short URL for TechAbly’s Google+ page!

So go, grab the short URL for your page right now before anyone else claims it, hurry!