Google+ has just introduced a new, commenting feature similar to Facebook Comments for websites. However, it’s not available for all the platforms right now, it’s available to Blogger users only. But for WordPress users, I know a trick to add them to WordPress sites as well.

Google+ Comments are not officially available for websites other than Blogger based blogs. But this trick involves flawless integration of Google+ Comments to websites on other platforms.

It’s definite that Google+ will make this available soon for other platforms as well. This short guide will let you add Google+ comments to your Blogger blog and WordPress.

How to add Google+ Comments on your Blogger blog?

To enable Google+ Comments for Blogger, you need to connect your Google+ account to your Blogger account.

  1. Sign into your Blogger account and go to Google+ section of your blog as shown in the below screenshot. If you haven’t connected your Google+ account with Blogger yet, just do it now in order to activate Google+ commenting.
  2. Now supposing you’ve connected your Google+ with Blogger, you’ll see a Use Google+ comments on this blog link on your Blogger’s Google+ section. Just click that link and your done! You just turned on Google+ comments for your Blogger blog!

Add Google+ Comments to WordPress

Put the below code into the comments.php file of your WordPress theme and save the changes.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<div id="plusonecomments"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
  window.setTimeout(function() {
    var id = 'plusonecomments';
    var divWidth = document.getElementById(id).offsetWidth;
    var width = !!divWidth ? Math.min(divWidth, 750) : 600;
    var url = "<?php the_permalink(); ?>";
    var moderationUrl = "";
    var moderationMode = "FILTERED_POSTMOD";
    gapi.comments.render(id, {
        'href': url,
        'first_party_property': 'BLOGGER',
        'legacy_comment_moderation_url': moderationUrl,
        'view_type': moderationMode,
        'width': width
  }, 10);

Google+ Comments on sites looks exactly like comments on Google+ profiles and pages. For both Blogger & WordPress, it beats the traditional commenting by adding share, +1 and reply utilities to the blog comments. Google+ users can directly post comments without having to provide name, email etc.

You’ll also receive notifications on your Google+ profile (the one which is connected to your Blogger) when someone comments on your blog posts.