Google Plus is everywhere nowadays. According to a recent study by ComScore, it has reached over 20 million of total users for which Facebook and Twitter took 2 years!

Of course, it’s due to some unique features of Google Plus that people are joining it at this pace – sharing 1 billion items per day.

One more thing that makes Google Plus different is it’s simple and minimalistic design. Some Web enthusiasts have shown a marvelous work to design themes which look exactly like Google Plus. You can use these themes for free for your WordPress and Blogger blogs.

Make your blog look like Google Plus

Google+ WordPress Theme

Plus One is a free WordPress theme designed by that gives a similar display like Google+ interface. Designers of Plus One WordPress theme are working on the next version which will support custom navigation menus, color selectors, options page and much more.

Plus One WordPress Theme
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You may also try Reflex Plus by Naeem Noor and WP Plus by for WordPress.

Google+ Blogger Template

Google Plus Blogger Template is a nice and clean, 3 column blogger template inheriting about 90% of the style and look of Google Plus. It has two sidebars on left and right, and is designed by Creative Blogging Ideas. However, it’s main navigation on top (with Home, profile, photos and circles options) is nothing but fancy.

Google Plus Blogger Template
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