Apart from it’s awesome services, Google is also popular for giving it’s competitors mighty shocks. Lets take Facebook, which has emerged and recognized as a successful innovation in Social media venture. I’m sure what most of the Facebook fans say about Google+: “Google has taken the advantage of the innovation of Facebook (as well as Twitter) to draw Google+ out“. Everyone knows, that’s true. Another big truth is that the future of businesses totally depends on the demand, the majority of consumers.

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From the day when Google+ was launched, there are more areas where Facebook and Google compete, and the two of those important ones are the Security and Privacy concerns. Veracode Application Security has covered the Security and Privacy comparison between Google and Facebook in their Infographic (see below), along with the description of their incomes, unique visits, and related major events.

In my opinion, both the companies, Google and Facebook, have the best professionals that work continuously to handle several important aspects to give users the best service – and the failure of hacktivist groups like Chinese Hackers and Anonymous is a good proof of that.

google vs facebook privacy security checklists

Both the services regularly guide their users about the security measures they should take to increase security. The services also ask users time-to-time via surveys and messages for feedback on different aspects for improvements, so don’t forget to send them feedback.